CLN's project with the Vancouver Food Provider's Coalition - Goals and impact

What follows is the response we recieved when we asked the particapants the quesions listed on our main community page.

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1. Goals of the Tool

The Capacity Enhancement project is an online database of free and low-cost grocery and meal providers and food action projects in Vancouver, with an emphasis being on the Downtown Eastside.  This tool will enable greater mapping of assets already within the Vancouver Food Providers' Coalition and the broader community and build strategic alliances between community partners in food provision and food action projects.


2. Impact in the community


While the impact of implementing such a tool may not be initially visible to the broader community, the impact upon the members of the VFPC should be immediately beneficial in facilitating quicker sharing of resources, physical or otherwise and as a portal to pertinent information and communication between member agencies, other service providers and stakeholders.


3. How the internet (and internet tools) will add to this impact


This project would not be possible without the use of the internet.  It was quickly realised that, in order to allow individual member agencies to maintain and update information, a tool such as WebGUI would be perfect.  Utilising WebGUI allows for future expansion of the project and empowers individuals to create/broaden their online presence without requiring the services of outside web designers, for example.


4. Resources and support you would need from VCN


Hosting the tool is the primary function that VCN can serve for the VFPC.  However, many services and resources within VCN act as further support for the project.  The very nature of the CLN in assets-based community development enables greater networking potential, putting seemingly different projects and agencies in contact with each other where clear crossover of resources is evident.  VCN's commitment to providing technological tools and support to the community will also facilitate the VFPC's ability to utilise current and future electronic tools in their role of improving cooperation and collaboration in the provision of emergency food and other services to the people in need in Vancouver.

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