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General Overview

The Community Learning Network (CLN) project at VCN is exploring ways in which VCN can use technology to support sustainable development efforts in the community. It is a broadly focused project attempting to explore ways in which we may empower people to become more active users of technology where they are generating their own content using interactive tools. In addition, we also hope to explore and identify means by which users excluded from the internet may be part of the project. Through this process it is hoped that communities can be strengthened by: facilitating the ability of community members to communicate, keeping people informed of skills and events in their neighbourhoods and generating a sense of online community history.

VCN offers a number of tools to aid in these processes. First, we offer an email list serve tool called Sympa which keeps an archive of email communications and also has a shared web space for important documents. (To sign up for the list serve you must have a VCN user account.) Secondly, very shortly VCN will be hosting a powerful web development tool called WebGUI. This tool has many interactive components already built into it. These components will make it easy for people with a basic understanding of web browsing to create their own web spaces with interactive features. In addition, VCN is open to discussing other on-line tools and community facilitation practices which will aid in community development processes. So please feel free to contact us!

CLN Project Background

Draft Evaluation Framework

A consultant was hired to facilitate a participatory, community based evaluation. The groups who have taken part in the evaluation to date include the Alliance for Arts and Culture, the Lions Den, 127 Housing, Carnegie Community Centre and 411 Seniors Centre Society. This report is the result of that evaluation.

cln_draft_evaluation_framework.doc cln_draft_evaluation_framework.doc

This contains the outcomes of the evalatuion.

cln_def_outcomes.doc cln_def_outcomes.doc