Evelyne Saller Centre

The Centre operates for the prime purpose of providing a variety of life support services to people with low incomes and special needs. We focus on supporting the physical, mental and social well being of others in order to help stabilize people’s activities of daily living (provisions for food, hygiene care and social supports) and enhance their quality of life.

The Centre recognizes the importance of developing relationships between staff and people who come to the Centre thereby helping to provide a safe, secure, healthy, supportive and caring place to be, thus meeting a variety of needs.

The Centre recognizes that all individuals who need our services have a right to them, providing they respect the conditions & guidelines for proper behaviour expected of those who gather in the Centre.

Evelyne Saller Centre

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Evelyne Saller Centre

Ernie Leffler (Manager) and Jo-Ann Stevens (Assistant Manager).

320 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC.  V6A 1C3

Telephone: 604 665 3075  Fax: 604 606 2671

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