Links to activities in the Collingwood area

Food security institute - Early in 2003 CNH created a skills inventory of over 50 people in the Collingwood community so that they could share skills and knowledge around issues related to food. Read more here at the Food Security Institute's web pages which is still under development. Evetually there will be spaces for individuals to share skills and knowledge using interactive tools. In addtion CLN is assisting in creating an online data base for this inventory. This should enhance the communites access to this information.

Skills Inventory for Community Artists - CNH has a skills inventory of over 50 artists in the community. CLN in partnership with CNH has begun to train some of these artists in the development of the own websites so that they showcase their artwork to the community at large. The training is still under way and when each artist is ready pages will begin to appear on the page!

Collingwood Renfrew Youth Mappers & Educators (CRYME)

The Renfrew Collingwood Art's PowWow

'ABC Wishlist' - a residents' initiative to gather support for sending a container to Africa

Grenfell School Age Program

First Lutheran Church Youth Page

Gothard Block Party

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